3 Common Plumbing Questions in Moscow, PA

In America, we are no strangers to  plumbing problems. From your first college dorm to your custom-built mansion, you will run into the occasional plumbing issue. This can be something as simple as a toilet that won’t stop running, to a clogged drain or sink, to a garbage disposal that ate a fork. The experts at Freedom Flow Plumbing And Heating Services are a trusted team of professional, dedicated to resolving all of  your plumbing problems quickly and efficiently. Here are the top 3 questions about plumbing that clients ask us all of the time:

plumbing questions

Don’t throw money down the drain! It is both expensive and bad for your disposal.

Q: Why does my toilet sound like it is still running, long after it should be done flushing and refilling?

A: The first thing you should try when this happens is to jiggle the handle. If that works, then you’re in the clear. However, if jiggling the handle produces less than satisfactory results, there is likely a flap at the bottom of your tank that isn’t shutting properly. Take off the lid of the tank, and watch the flap when you flush the toilet. If the flap stays open, the tank will be unable to fill. When you run into this problem, call our professionals, and we can fix or even replace the faulty flap.

Q: Why are my drains clogging so quickly?

A: Do you pour oil-based products down your drains? If you use your sinks for cooking, cleaning dishes, or washing your hands, the answer is probably yes! Products such as grease from your cooking, or soaps and shampoos, can cause greases and oils to congeal in  your drains. These oily deposits catch things like hair and dirt, and eventually form a solid mass that can block the flow of drainage water. Use a natural drain cleaner to flush out your drains. If that doesn’t work, give us a call, and we can come snake your drains.

Q: Why does my garbage disposal keep breaking?

A: Its hard to hear, but the biggest reason garbage disposals break is that you aren’t using right. Do not pour grease and oils down the disposal. Also refrain from putting bones, coffee ground, or fruit rinds down the drain. Your disposal unit is not powerful enough to cut up bone, so you can overload the motor, as well as clog up the disposal’s trap.

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