5 Benefits Of Getting A Water Softener

A water softener is a great add-on to your home’s plumbing if you want smoother water and healthier pipes. Water softeners eliminate the minerals and impurities found in regular, hard water. Both are safe to drink but many people find water softeners beneficial for these following reasons:

Water Softeners Give You Smoother Skin And Hair

Less Pipe Repairs

Hard water has calcium and magnesium in it. The sediment left behind from hard water clogs pipes, leading to leaks and other plumbing hassles.

Softer, Brighter Fabrics

Stop having to buy fabric softener when you get a water softener, as there will be no more hard water residue to break down the fibers of your linens and clothes. When you wash your fabrics in soft water, you will notice that they are softer, the colors don’t fade, and they last longer compared to being washed in hard water.

Smoother Skin and Hair

The best benefit of getting a water softener is having smooth, shiny skin and hair. Hard water’s minerals absorb into your skin, drying it out and causing it to look dull and flaky. A water softener is great for sensitive or dry skin.

Better Cleaning

Soap does not produce as much lather when used with hard soap, producing a less efficient clean and taking more time and cleaning products to achieve sanitation. With a water softener, soap gets bubbly and produces much more lather, making your cleaning time quicker and easier.

No Water Spots

Does your silverware just never look clean because there are water spots and stains on them? Switching to a water softener can get rid of those water spots caused by hard water mineral buildup and prevent new ones from forming.

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