5 Things You Should Never Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

Keeping our garbage disposal in good condition is essential for our kitchen plumbing. If we want our garbage disposal to always work, there are things that should never be put down the disposal. Here are five things you should never put down the disposal.

5 Things You Should Never Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

Discarded Bones

While we think that our garbage disposals can grind up anything, that is certainly not the case. The impellers on the disposal are not made to chop hard objects like bones. Discard animal bones in the garbage can.

Grease and Oil

Because grease and oil can congeal once they aren’t hot anymore, it is never a good idea to put grease or oil down the disposal. These liquids will end up clogging your drains and lead to repairs that could’ve been avoided.

Pasta and Rice

Rice and pasta are the types of foods that expand whether they are cooked or not. If you throw away pasta or rice in the disposal, they will expand and clog the disposal trap. Also, pasta can get stuck on the impellers.

Drain Cleaners

This might seem okay, but chemical cleaners can really damage your garbage disposals. Not only can they damage the impellers, but they can also damage your pipes.

Coffee Grounds

Even though coffee ground are teeny tiny, they can accumulate over time and clog pipes and your disposal.

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