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What to do When Your Water Pipe Bursts

Water Pipe Bursts

Water Pipes Will Freeze When Temperature Drop Too Low and You Don’t Prepare Properly.

Pipe bursts can be a big surprise and not the good kind. There are a few steps that you will want to take when a pipe bursts in your home. It is important that if you find yourself in this situation, that you do not panic and that you remember the steps so that you can put an end to the water spilling out as quickly as possible. If you are wondering what causes pipes to burst, it can be from several different things. When too much pressure builds up in your piping system, it can burst. This is usually because a clog of some kind has gotten stuck in your pipes and is not able to be made free. You could also end up with a frozen pipe burst when the temperatures drop outside and your pipes end up freezing. This goes back to the pressure building in your pipes and not having anywhere to go. Pipes are made to be strong, but if something is stopping it up like a clog or frozen water, it will eventually burst and cause a huge mess.

What Do You Do When Your Pipes Burst?

Turn Off Your Water – The very best thing that you can do when you discover a burst pipe, is to turn off your water right away. This will stop the flow of water into the pipes and stop it from wasting water, but also from flooding the part of your home that it happened. Knowing where your water turn off valve is located is really important for many reasons so if you don’t know where that is located ahead of time, you should ask your plumber to show you.

Look For The Damage – If you don’t know where the burst came from, you may want to start looking. The quicker it is found, the faster a plumber will be able to have it replaced. This will also allow you to begin to clean up the water so that it does not end up molding your home.

Call a Plumber – Calling a plumber is a very important thing to do. A burst pipe is nothing to wait on and no matter what the situation is, you will need to have it repaired. If you can’t afford it, ask your plumber if you can make payments or if they can bill you so you have time to make it to payday. Many plumbing companies will work with you, but you have to ask. A professional plumber will usually be able to come out the same or next day and get the issue repaired as quickly as possible so that you can turn your water back on.

Drying Process – Once the problem has been repaired, you might be stuck with a huge mess that was left by the water. You can try to clean it up yourself if it wasn’t a big issue, but it may be better to call a company to come and dry it all out for you. There are some types of floors like oak hardwood floor, that cannot have water sit on it and will be ruined if you don’t get help right away.

Insurance – the last thing you may want to now, is a burst water pipe covered by insurance? A pipe burst and water damage are both usually covered by insurance companies. You will likely just have to pay your deductible and they will cover the rest. Call your insurance company right away to find out.

Trenchless Pipe Repair

Pipe Burst Underground

A Trenchless Pipe Repair Can Be Done When You Have To Go Underground To Repair a Pipe.

If the water pipe burst under house, you will need to wait for a plumber to come out and get to the problem for a water pipe repair. In order to get to the burst pipe, you will need trenchless pipe replacement. How trenchless pipe replacement works is, that a plumber will be able to tunnel underneath the house so that large trenches do not have to be dug and make a huge mess. This allows the work to be done without it taking too long and leaving your yard in complete shambles.

Importance of Having a Plumbing Inspection

A plumbing inspection is something that should be done annually. A plumber will be able to come out and take a look at all of your plumbing and test your water levels to make sure that no leaks are currently present. The process does not take too long and it will help to keep your plumbing and home safe. Below are a few reasons that a plumbing inspection would be a good idea to have. Give us a call at (570) 468-8217 if you end up with a pipe burst and need burst pipe repair in Clifton Township and Scranton, PA and need help right away.

  • Peace of Mind
  • Look Out For Clogs
  • Be Prepared For an Emergency
  • Learn More About Your Plumbing System
  • Keep Your Home Safe
  • Get Quotes On Other Work You Need Done

Finding Your Plumbing Leak: Skip the Water Damage

Water damage can lead to prohibitively expensive furniture damage, ruined insulation, and other problems. That’s why it’s so important to quickly locate and address the source of any plumbing leak in your home. To help kick off your search, here is a short guide on locating leaks!

Why is My Ceiling Leaking?

A Man Catches Water from a Leak in the Ceiling

Fast Leak Detection Can Be the Difference Between Minor Repairs and Major Damage.

If the leak originates from your ceiling, there are a few potential reasons for it.

  • Rooftop Damage
  • HVAC System Malfunctions
  • Plumbing Issues

Check your attic. If the leak appears to be coming from the rooftop, you’ll want to call for a prompt roof inspection. Misplaced shingles or tile might not seem like a big issue, but sustained rooftop leaks can lead to extensive damage in your supports, insulation, and walls (on top of your ceiling). Old ceiling stains are much more likely to come from faulty roofing. Leaks in your HVAC system should be pretty easy to spot; just be on the lookout for loose fittings and degraded hardware.

Plumbing issues are even more serious, because a constant stream of leaking water can ruin good ceiling within minutes. Ceiling damage is often much more extensive with plumbing leaks. You’ll also want to make sure the water hasn’t leaked into the walls. If you believe plumbing is the problem, turn off your water as quickly as possible.

How Do You Find a Hidden Water Leak?

Some leaks are tucked away in hard to reach places. After turning off any active appliances, take a walk through your home and listen carefully. Be sure to visit every room. If you don’t hear or see signs of a leak, it might be outside the house.

Take a look at your meter and see if any water is still running. Check back in half an hour and see if the numbers have climbed at all. Finally, take a brief look around your yard for signs of underground leaks, particularly next to the main water line and sewer line. If you still can’t find the leak, it might be time to call for professional leak repair.

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Having a plumbing leak stinks, but we’d love to help you take care of it! You can reach our team at Freedom Flow Plumbing and Heating Services by calling (570) 468-8217.

Top Indicators Your Business Has a Heating Problem

A working heating system is crucial for your business on cold days. When it quits working, you’re left with unhappy customers and employees as well as put in danger of other problems like roof damage, wall and flooring damage, and even structural damages to your building. However, there are indicators that there may be a problem that requires commercial boiler repair. Regular maintenance and inspection can help negate the effects of the Clifton Township, PA environment and reduce the need for furnace or boiler repair.

Our Experienced Profesionals Provide Effective, Affordable Repairs.

We Can Complete Your Commercial Boiler Repair Anywhere in the Clifton, PA Area.

Do I Need a New Heating System?

In many cases, even if your furnace or boiler is damaged, a professional can repair the problem to return your heating system back to normal. There are, however, certain instances where replacement will be required. Spotting the early signs of heater damage and having repairs completed can save you money, hassle, and time by minimizing damages done to your system.

Signs of Commercial Boiler Damage:

Boiler Won’t Start: This is typically caused by a clogged filter or damaged fan. Your system will automatically shut down for safety if there is a lack of air supply or an electrical malfunction.

Funny Sounds: Clanking and popping within your system is usually a sign of sediment collection that needs to be removed. However, a damaged fan or belt can also trigger unusually sounds that should be evaluated and repaired by a professional.

Leaks: Often times, hoses and water lines can begin to leak as the age. This can cause water leaks throughout your system. Rooftop boiler leaks and damages can also cause damage to GAF roofing materials as well as most other brands. A thorough roof inspection is recommended any time your rooftop furnace or boiler is damaged.

Your Local Commercial Boiler Repair Experts, Serving All of Clifton Township, PA

When you need effective, affordable commercial furnace or commercial boiler repair in the Clifton, PA area, call the Freedom Flow Plumbing and Heating Services experts first. We have the knowledge and know-how to provide affordable repairs that are effective and dependable. Ensure that your commercial furnace or boiler works at its best all the time with the help of our experts. Call us at (570) 468-8217 today to make your appointment for commercial boiler repair in the Clifton, PA area.

Copper vs PEX Piping

If you keep having burst pipes and are constantly calling for repairs, repiping your plumbing can be a cost-effective solution. But what pipes do you choose for the most durable and long-lasting plumbing so you don’t result in the problem you were just trying to fix? Two very durable and popular types of piping are PEX and copper. PEX pipe stands for polyethylene flexible tubing. But which would be the best fit for your home and budget? Read on to see the comparisons of PEX vs copper piping in Clifton Township and Scranton, PA provided by Freedom Flow Plumbing and Heating Services, or call us today at (570) 468-8217.

Is PEX More Durable than Copper?

Copper Pipes Can Rust, Where Plastic PEX Pipes Won’t

A PEX pipe will cost around 1/4 of the price of copper pipes. If you have water lines that run through small or cramped corners in your home, a PEX pipe is the better option, as copper is too rigid to bend around the tiny spaces. Another expenses with copper piping is the labor fees and installation. If you are looking to cut costs or want your water back as quickly as possible, a PEX pipe installation is the better choice as it is installed quickly and simply. The PEX pipe tubing is simply snapped into connector fittings or crimp rings.

How Long Does PEX Last For?

While copper piping is known to last centuries and is beloved by contractors from roofing to plumbing alike, it is expensive no matter what it is being used for. Copper piping can last 40 to 60 years, and PEX piping can last the same amount of time, but generally their warranties are only for 25 years.

Do PEX Pipes Burst?

A PEX pipe is made out of plastic, so there is the potential for bursting. Be wary of temperature drops that could cause water in the pipes to freeze and expand, making the pipes burst. PEX pipes can expand to eight times their size before it freezes, which lowers the chance of bursting, though. You can prevent this by leaving faucets dripping. Also check your water bills for sudden spikes that can alert you to a leak. Unlike copper pipes that collect sediment and rust, wearing the piping down until it bursts, a PEX pipe doesn’t collect sediment build up.

Contact Us for Repiping Services

Some plumbers still prefer copper pipes just because they have been around longer and there is more research on them. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative with good benefits, consider a PEX pipe installation. To learn more about copper vs PEX piping choices in Clifton Township and Scranton, PA, call Freedom Flow Plumbing and Heating Services at (570) 468-8217 today.

What Not To Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

Clogged drains are one of the biggest reasons that plumbers get called to people’s homes. One thing that happens often is that people tend to throw many things down their drains or garbage disposals without even thinking about it. The problem with this is that there are a lot of things that cannot go down a garbage disposal. People often forget that a garbage disposal is not a catch-all for food and other items. The more often you put things like food and grease down there, the more likely you are to end up with a clog. Here are a few things you should never put down your garbage disposal.

Do Not Put These Down Your Garbage Disposal

Grease – This is a huge no no and will clog up your drains so fast. Grease does not go away with water and it will stick around for a long time and catch onto things that are thrown down there, after.

Egg Shells – These tend to clump together, making it difficult for them to go down all the way.

Coffee Grounds – This is one that seems strange, but because the little pieces of coffee do not dissolves, they gather together and will climb, causing clogs.

If you end up with a clog in your drain from your garbage disposal, call Freedom Flow Plumbing and Heating Services, call (570) 468-8217.

Help your Dishwasher Run At its Best


Dishwashers Are Fantastic Systems When Used Correctly!

Dishwashers are one of the best additions to kitchens. They make the chore of cleaning dishes easy and decrease your time spent cleaning in your home. However, like garbage disposals, these systems need care and conscientious use in order to last for many many years. If they are not used properly, they can easily break down and require service. We have compiled a few tips that will help you run this system efficiently and allow it to provide quality service!

Tips To Improve Your Dishwasher’s Efficiency

Tip #1 Scrape off Your Plates

There is some debate among people on whether you should wash your plates or not before loading into the dishwasher. When it comes down to it, all that is really needed is to scrape off excess food particles from your plate before loading it up. This prevents food particles from clogging up your system and allows it to run and clean efficiently.

Tip #2 Load the Dishwasher Correctly

When loading your dishwasher, be careful to not overfill it. You want to create some space between the dishes, allowing the water and detergent to get to the food stained areas and really clean your system. Try to break up one big load into two smaller loads. While you may think loading all of the plates will save water and be more efficient, it actually is the exact opposite.

Tip #3 Clean the Dishwasher

Your dishwasher, like your laundry machine, requires a bit of care every so often. Like your laundry machine, it has a lint catcher of sorts, known as the dishwasher trap. This catches food particles and things that could easily clog your system to prevent them from damaging it. Dump this regularly to ensure the system runs at its best and food particles don’t begin to smell. Also, take the time to wipe down the seals to ensure they stay at their best.

Tip #4 Run Your Sink Before Your Dishwasher

Finally, before you set your dishwasher to start cleaning, start up the hot water faucet on your nearby sink. Wait until the water is hot and then you can turn on your system. This will ensure that your system is using hot water from its first run, cleaning your plates better.

Is your dishwasher causing issues for your home? Freedom Flow Plumbing and Heating Services provides service for your system in Clifton Township and Scranton, PA. Call us today at (570) 468-8217!

5 Benefits Of Getting A Water Softener

A water softener is a great add-on to your home’s plumbing if you want smoother water and healthier pipes. Water softeners eliminate the minerals and impurities found in regular, hard water. Both are safe to drink but many people find water softeners beneficial for these following reasons:

Water Softeners Give You Smoother Skin And Hair

Less Pipe Repairs

Hard water has calcium and magnesium in it. The sediment left behind from hard water clogs pipes, leading to leaks and other plumbing hassles.

Softer, Brighter Fabrics

Stop having to buy fabric softener when you get a water softener, as there will be no more hard water residue to break down the fibers of your linens and clothes. When you wash your fabrics in soft water, you will notice that they are softer, the colors don’t fade, and they last longer compared to being washed in hard water.

Smoother Skin and Hair

The best benefit of getting a water softener is having smooth, shiny skin and hair. Hard water’s minerals absorb into your skin, drying it out and causing it to look dull and flaky. A water softener is great for sensitive or dry skin.

Better Cleaning

Soap does not produce as much lather when used with hard soap, producing a less efficient clean and taking more time and cleaning products to achieve sanitation. With a water softener, soap gets bubbly and produces much more lather, making your cleaning time quicker and easier.

No Water Spots

Does your silverware just never look clean because there are water spots and stains on them? Switching to a water softener can get rid of those water spots caused by hard water mineral buildup and prevent new ones from forming.

If you are interested in getting a water softener in Clifton Township and Scranton, PA, call Freedom Flow Plumbing and Heating Services at (570) 468-8217 today.

How Can You Help Your Water Heater?

Water Heater Repair

Regular Maintenance Is a Great Way to Keep Your System in Good Shape.

Water heaters tend to be one of the most expensive plumbing replacements in a home. You may have heard horror stories from friends or neighbors, involving plumbing emergencies and finding a replacement. No one wants an emergency to happen, but how can you ensure your water heater stays at its best? Regular maintenance can prevent problems from occurring, ensuring your system stays ready to work. There are a few ways you can take care of your system to stop a crisis from happening.

Tips For Water Heater Maintenance

Know Your Water Heater

An important part of being able to maintain your system is to know your water heater. If you can recall its name and type, you will be able to either find or get all the information you need on the system. Keeping a record of its age can let you know when it is time for a replacement. Finally, knowing the basics such as how to turn it off and how to drain it can help you in an emergency.

Ensure It Has Space

You may not know it, but in order to run at its best, your water heater needs space. Having clutter, boxes or assorted items around it can hinder the way your system works, such as keeping oxygen away from a gas heater. It may even pose a fire hazard. To give your system space it needs, try to keep all of your goods and away from the heater and ensure the area is clean and clear.

Annual Inspection

An annual inspection is one of the best things you can do for your water heater. When you have an annual inspection, your plumber can assess how the system is running and even drain it for you. During this inspection, issues or possible problems can come to light and be fixed at once. This lengthens the life of your water heater, giving you longer service for your home.

Do you need water heater service or maintenance for your home? Freedom Flow Plumbing and Heating Services is available to assist you! Give us a call today at (570) 468-8217 for your plumbing and water heater needs in Clifton Township and Scranton, PA.

What Is Backflow Prevention, and Why Is It Important?

What Is Backflow?


backflow prevention

If you want the water in your home to stay clean, backflow prevention is essential!

Backflow is when your plumbing system is no longer draining as it should be, and sewage is flowing back into the building. This can happen for various reasons, but the end result is the same: Polluted water coming into your system instead of out of it. This can lead to additional problems such as broken or overloaded pipes, as well as sewage coming out of your faucets. To ensure your house or commercial water system is safe from toxins, chemicals, and other contaminants, it’s imperative to get backflow prevention services as soon as possible.

Why Do I Need Backflow Prevention?

Backflow prevention service is necessary for homeowner and company clients who are looking to ensure their water system is always protected.  The reason residential and commercial customers need backflow examinations is to guarantee their water supply is not tainted with contaminants like fertilizers, household chemicals, or even substances. During testing if we detect that your backflow device isn’t functioning like it needs to, we can perform repairs immediately.

If you don’t have a backflow system in your home or company, you might consider one so you can shield your water from coming into reach with any chemicals or impurities. Prevent polluted water from entering your system and get better contentment with a dedicated backflow device installation. Our plumbers always make sure that each installation is safe and beneficial, so pollutants can not make their way into your water system during the installation service. To learn more about our services, give us a call today at (570) 468-8217!

Have You Had a Plumbing Inspection Yet?

It’s early in the new year and there is plenty to do to make it a great start. Have you added a plumbing inspection to your to-do list? It may seem like a nuisance, but all plumbing systems need an inspection each year, and if you haven’t had one done in a while, now is a perfect time.

Man Inspecting Under Sink

Have You Had a Plumbing Inspection Yet?

After the Holidays

The holidays are over, and your friends and family are back to their lives, and the new year. If you had house guests during the holidays, your plumbing probably experienced extra wear and tear. Make sure that wear and tear isn’t too much; have a plumbing inspection to make sure your plumbing is in working order. That way, you’re ready for the rest of the year.

After the Winter

Winter is hard on your system, too. Though winter weather isn’t over in many places, now is still a great time to make sure that your pipes are doing well after freezing temperatures. It’s also a good time to make sure that they can handle more freezing temperatures. Whether your plumbing will see more winter weather or not, the start of the year is the right time to have your plumbing inspected.

Ready for the Year

Even if you don’t have any significant concerns about how your plumbing is doing, having it inspected can can save you time and money for the rest of the year. There may be problems of which you’re not aware. There may be issues that are not yet problems, but if you address them now, you won’t have to pay for repair later.

Have a plumbing inspection done now. Contact Freedom Flow Plumbing and Heating Services for all your plumbing needs in Clifton Township, PA. Call (570) 468-8217 today.