How To Avoid Frozen And Burst Pipes This Winter

frozen pipes

Cold Weather Can Lead To Freezing Pipes!

When winter comes around, there are plenty of things that need to be done around the house, from checking window insulation, servicing the heating system, and much more. Make sure that this year, you include some pipe preparations as well so that you can avoid frozen and burst pipe situations! When water pipes freeze, the water inside of them will expand, causing the pipe to crack from the pressure. This leads to major leaks when the water in no longer frozen in place! Today we will provide you with a few easy tips to keep your pipes safe from freezing. If you need pipe repair for pipes that have already been frozen, give our team a call right away at (570) 468-8217!

Insulate Your Pipes

One of the most effective ways to keep your pipes warm this winter is actually very easy. Simply bundle up your pipes,as you would yourself! Hardware stores sell different kinds of pipe jackets and insulation that can keep the chilly air from harming your pipes.

Leave The Faucet Dripping

Another useful method to keep in mind is the faucet dripping method. Essentially, if you leave your faucets dripping, it keeps the water in your pipes moving, which makes it harder to freeze, and if it does freeze, the open faucet prevent a pressure buildup, which can prevent the pipe from bursting.

Open Up Your Cabinets

Another good habit is to open up your cabinets at night, which will allow the warm air in the house to keep your inside pipes from getting too cold as well.