Can a Clogged Shower Cause a Leak?

Hair Clogs a Shower Drain.

Can a clogged shower cause a leak?

If water is taking its time draining down your shower, you probably have a clog. It might seem that a clogged shower drain is just a minor inconvenience. But, clogs in your shower or any other drain can prove more than just an inconvenience. A clog can lead to serious problems, including leaks. If a clog causes the pipe’s internal pressure to increase, water has to find another way out of the pipe. This means it can leak through loose seals or threads or other connections. With a serious blockage, your pipes could be at risk of bursting. Leaks can also occur as water settles in the pipes which can lead the pipes to corrode. Moreover, sewer lines often get blocked by tree roots and that will lead to leaks. Whether you have a clogged shower drain or another clog, and need a professional drain service in Clifton Township and Scranton, PA, all you need to do is call Freedom Flow Plumbing and Heating Services at (570) 903-3199.

What do plumbers use to unclog drains?

Plumbers have a variety of tools they use to unclog drains, whether clogged shower drains or any other drain in your home. Probably the most familiar is the drain snake or auger. Plumbers actually have two types of drain snakes they can use, manual or motorized. The manual snakes are normally used to clear out simple clogs. The snakes break up the debris so it can drain through the sewer system. Motorized snakes are used on thicker blockages, but operate similarly to manual devices.

Another effective tool is a hydro-jetter. These devices send jets of water at high pressures down drains to clear out the clog. The hydro-jetter is really useful for clogs deep in sewer lines that augers just can’t reach or don’t have the power to clear. This is a very thorough process that can get your drain working like new.

Shower drain clogged after snaking

It’s a good idea to have a manual auger on hand to clear simple clogs, but sometimes the drain snake doesn’t work. If you snake a clogged shower drain, for instance, and it turns out water is still taking time to drain out, several possibilities could be the cause. Your auger might not be long enough to reach the clog or it might not be the right type of auger. There are augers, for instance, specifically designed for shower and kitchen drains, as well as for toilet drains. Make sure you’re using the right auger for the job. Even professionals encounter some blockages that are too big for a manual snaking. That’s when they resort to motorized snakes or even hydro-jetting equipment. If a clog is really serious, you probably should call in a professional to get it unclogged.

Can you plunge a clogged shower drain?

You don’t necessarily need your own auger to clean a clogged shower drain. A basic household plunger can be the perfect tool to unclog your shower drain. Before you plunge the shower, you will need to remove the overflow plate, and for the most effective plunge, stop up the overflow opening with a wet rag. Also, fill the shower up to the bottom of the plunger and then begin plunging forcefully up and down. You should be able to clear the clog after about six plunges. Run some water afterward to see if it drains quickly. You may need to plunge a few times, but after a few tries, if the drain isn’t draining quickly, you may want to call a professional.

How do you unclog a shower drain naturally?

While there are many drain cleaners on the market today, plumbing professionals often recommend you use them in a limited capacity or not at all because overuse can cause the pipes to corrode in time. There are some ways you can clear simple clogs without harming your pipes. 

  • If the clog is visible, and you can reach it, put some rubber gloves on and remove it with your fingers or a wire hanger.
  • Use a plunger.
  • Use a manual plumbing snake or auger. 
  • Pour about 1 cup of baking soda down the drain. Follow that with about 1 cup of vinegar. Let the mixture bubble for a few minutes, then pour a kettle or pan of hot water down the drain, and let it sit for a couple of hours. Repeat the process if the drain doesn’t flow freely.
  • Try a wet/dry shop vacuum.

How do you dissolve hair in a drain?

Hair is one of the most common causes of clogs, especially clogged shower drains. It sticks to the pipes and accumulates in the drain, along with soap scum and other debris. Clogged drains can sometimes be cleared, though, with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar, which will dissolve the hair. Let the baking soda and vinegar mixture foam and bubble a few minutes before pouring in hot—but not boiling—water.

Can Coke unclog a drain?

Coke or similar colas can actually be used on a clogged shower drain or other drains. All you need to do is pour a 2-liter of cola down the drain, let it sit for an hour or so before rinsing the drain with hot water. The acidity of the soda makes for an effective pipe cleaner, although you have to rinse it out to prevent a sticky film of syrup and sugar from building up.

How do you unclog a severely clogged drain?

A severely clogged drain may outlast natural solutions like baking soda and vinegar and might be too tough for a plunger or even a manual drain auger. It’s usually best to let a professional handle a severely clogged drain. Professionals can use motorized augers or even hydro-jetters to get at the toughest clogs. The most important thing to do is to get the clog cleared quickly to avoid leaks.

Someone Wearing Rubber Gloves Removes Hair Clogging  a Drain.

How to prevent clogged shower drain

Hair tends to cause as many clogs as any other thing, and if you want to prevent getting a clogged shower drain, you can place a drain cover over the drain to catch the hair while the water drains. You can also leave the hot water running for a few seconds after finishing your shower to keep the pipes flushed. And while body and bath oils may help your skin stay fresh and healthy, avoid rinsing them off in the shower, as residues from these oils build up and clog the pipes. Of course, if you do have a clogged shower drain in Clifton Township and Scranton, PA, the professionals at Freedom Flow Plumbing and Heating Services can quickly and effectively get the clog cleared. All you need to do is book a service appointment by calling (570) 903-3199.