Oil Heating Systems

There are many available heating systems and oil heating systems are a classic fixture among them. All heating systems need maintenance, and repair, eventually. When you need maintenance and repairs for your heating oil heating systems in Clifton Township and Scranton, PA, or you are thinking about installing this type of heating system, call (570) 468-8217 today.

Oil Heating Systems Basics

Heating Oil Heating System in Basement

We’ll Help You with Your Heating Oil Heating Systems.

Oil heating systems distribute heat through the house in a system of vents on the floor, or steam from radiators. The thermostat starts by sensing the temperature. If it’s too low, then your oil system burners will start up. The heating oil moves from tank to burner, where it becomes a mist. The mist is ignited when it travels into the burner.

How that heat makes its way through your home depends upon your specific system. You can have a steam system or hot water system. If you use hot water to move the heat through your house, it will circulate under baseboards and through radiators. If your system uses steam, it moves in radiator pipes. You could also have a warmer, which would send warm air through ducts. Any oil emissions leave the house in a flue pipe.

The Heating Oil System Choice

Oil heating systems have pros and cons, like any heater. This type of system can be better at heating than some, but the oil needed for the system to run and its delivery is not a favorite for everyone. Because burnt oil must go through a flue, and that can develop oil and soot, it must be kept clean regularly. Overall, heating oil systems may cost less to use than other heater types. However, standard gas may cost less.

If you are considering a new heating system for your home, there is plenty to compare and contrast. Oil and gas prices may make a difference in your choice, as will overall heat consumption and how that will drive up your bills. An HVAC professional can help you decide what heating system is best for your needs.

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