Kitchen Plumbing Basics

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Learn More About Kitchen Plumbing

There are many aspects and components to your kitchen plumbing with each property featuring unique layouts, features, and fixtures. In order to best get your kitchen plumbing situated from repairs to leak detection, it’s best to rely on the expertise of a professional plumbing company. Find out some general background information concerning kitchen plumbing here and speak to a certified plumber for help with any future services. Have your kitchen plumbing updated and in pristine conditions today.

How much does it cost to rearrange a kitchen?

Remodeling a kitchen can range a few hundred dollars for small scale remodels and anywhere from a couple of hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars on larger scale remodels. Keep in mind the materials you go with, changing the layout of the room, the area of the kitchen plumbing as well as other details will play a huge role in cost variations.

How hard is it to move kitchen plumbing?

Like with any remodeling job moving kitchen plumbing can prove to be difficult if a house rests on a slab foundation. That’s because in order to have drains with a pitch lower than the fixture it will require the use of jackhammering or cutting through the slab. The good news is that in general water pipes can be rerouted through ceilings and walls as is especially with the case of having flexible PEX pipes.

How high should kitchen sink drain be from floor?

The kitchen sink drain should be about 8 inches deep as is the standard with kitchen plumbing. This means that the normal distance between the kitchen sink drain and the floor will be 28 inches. However, with accessibility concerns, you can make the necessary accommodations that will follow with ADA requirements and your needs.

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Kitchen Plumbing Areas

  • Kitchen Sink Drain
  • Garbage Disposal
  • P-Trap
  • Faucets

What are the pipes under the kitchen sink called?

The pipe underneath a kitchen sink with kitchen plumbing is called a sink trap and is J-shaped. It’s designed specifically to trap any noxious sewer gases before they enter a home. The most common type of trap is often called a P-trap due to the shape of it looking like a P that has fallen face down.

Does a kitchen sink need a vent?

Essentially all drains, not just with your kitchen plumbing, will require a vent as it allows for atmospheric pressures in the drains which prevent air locking from happening. Drains, where venting should be required for your reference, are kitchen sinks, laundry, shower, floor drains, and more. 

What is a kitchen air gap?

A kitchen air gap with kitchen plumbing refers to the fixture that provides back-flow prevention with an installed dishwasher system. If the kitchen air gap is installed and maintained well it will prevent the drain water from the sink backing up into the dishwasher and contaminating dishes inside.

What does it mean when your kitchen sink gurgles?

If you find that your kitchen plumbing with your sink is making gurgling noises it may be that there is food that’s lodged somewhere in the piping system. If food has been trapped with the disposal than it may have created a partial clog that traps air. As water washes down air is released and makes bubbles travel up through the water which thereby produces the suspected gurgling phenomena.

Why is my sink leaking underneath?

There can be many reasons as to why your sink with your kitchen plumbing is leaking. A common thing to watch out for with a leak is seeing water puddling at the top of the sink whenever the faucet is turned on. Another thing that can occur is having a faucet leak underneath the sink which can only be spotted under the counter. In most situations, faucet leaks are caused due to worn out gaskets and failed washers.

How do plumbers find water leaks in walls?

Plumbers are able to find water leaks inside walls with the help of state-of-the-art equipment. A water meter can be pointed at various areas of the wall until a leak is spotted, the meter will have the highest reading in this area. This will indicate the location that’s nearest to the leak. Certain leak detection devices may be available to buy or rent at certain hardware stores. Consider getting an inspection done by a professional so that repairs can be made following pinpointing the leak.

Get Assistance With Your Kitchen Plumbing With a Professional Plumbing Company

No matter what your needs are with your kitchen plumbing getting set up with professional services will ensure that high-quality work is being completed. There are many aspects to kitchen plumbing from fixture installation, repairs, replacements, remodeling, and more. In order to properly use the right materials and keep with your kitchen’s layout, it’s best to rely on a qualified plumbing company. Have your kitchen plumbing taken care of by experts today and schedule an appointment for services soon.

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