Kitchen Remodeling 101

Kitchen remodeling is big right now, because, for many, the kitchen is much more than a space for cranking out meals. It is the hub of the home.

It’s a unique domain where the family occasionally come together to dine and banter. Remodeling your kitchen has the potential to take those special family moments to a whole new level.

Even if you’re looking to only change the countertop, upgrade the cabinets or do a total overhaul of the space, kitchen remodeling is a huge and daunting task. It has a lot of moving parts that need close attention if you want to get a beautiful outcome.

Kitchen remodeling and design is not a project to be approached randomly. You will need a well thought out plan to beautifully and cost-effectively execute it. In this article, we will be showing you awesome kitchen remodel ideas, together with important things to consider when remodeling a kitchen. 

If you apply these tips, you will create that kitchen that you have always dreamed of.

Benefits of Remodeling Your Kitchen


Renovating a kitchen rewards a homeowner beyond the new beauty that it brings. As a homeowner, when you remodel your kitchen, you also stand to gain a whole lot of other tangible benefits. Below are some of them:

  • Reduced energy cost: Upgrading electrical appliances is a big part of kitchen remodeling. As you swap old appliances for more recent ones (that are energy efficient), you will get to save money on electrical bills.
  • Improved Safety:  Adding certain features can make your kitchen a safer place. For example, decluttering a kitchen while remodeling it will negate hidden dangers sharp knives and other pointed objects.
  • Comfort: Apart from the safety aspect of things, de-cluttering your kitchen during a remodeling project makes it more comfortable to move around in. This action enhances the look as well.
  • Contemporary Looks: When you remodel your kitchen, you make the looks consistent with present-day look and feel. Looks aside, keeping your kitchen up-to-date with the latest trend and design can add to the real estate value of your home as a whole. 

How often should you remodel your kitchen to keep up with the latest trend? It depends on factors such as how up-to-date you want your kitchen to look and your financials. However, experts recommend every 10 to 15 years.

What to Consider When Remodeling a Kitchen

As stated earlier, kitchen remodeling is a big and sensitive project that needs good planning. Before scouring the internet for ideas, and browsing through your local decor shop for fittings, here are some essential things to put into consideration:

  • Budget: It’s not by chance that we mentioned this first. Weighing the likely total cost of the project is an excellent point to start, and often, the most daunting. The numbers can very quickly run into the six-figure range. So, it is good practice to enlist the help of a local realtor to estimate the added value that a new kitchen will give to your home. 
  • Get budgeting hints from remodeling websites and magazines. Then consider doing some of the work yourself to save money. Giving your cabinets and other small items a facelift, rather than getting new ones, is another way to save some coins.
  • Styles: Before you begin the kitchen remodeling project, scour the internet, look through kitchen magazines, and take note of the kitchen design of friends. Doing this will give you design inspirations and better help you compute the likely cost to achieve your dream outcome. 
  • Appliances: you have to factor in the new appliances you might be needing to get into the bigger picture. Getting bigger and heavier appliances will mean additional floor reinforcement during the reconstruction to support the weight. A new dishwasher might mean additional wiring. All of which will affect your overall budget.
  • Examine the space: you need to consider how much of real estate you have in your present kitchen. Doing that will decide the flexibility of the project. Experts advise sticking to the existing layout to save money and make the project simpler. If you need more space, you can swap out furniture or appliances that you rarely use, for new ones that you’re prone to use.

What is the Average Kitchen Remodel Cost?

how much does kitchen remodeling cost

The average cost to remodel a kitchen depends on a wide array of factors. The most important of them being your desired design; choice of appliance and new fittings; and space required.

Also, choosing to refit your kitchen to the highest standards will gulp more money than say replacing just a few cabinets or adding a few, small appliances. 

According to, the average kitchen remodeling project costs from $13,000 to $33,000. HomeAdvisor puts the median cost at $21,751.

It is also stated that on the lower end of the spectrum, you can conservatively remodel a kitchen on a tight budget of $4,000, while a lavish project might gulp as much as $50,000.

In What Order Do You Remodel a Kitchen?

How do I prepare my kitchen for remodeling? What are the steps involved? In what order should I proceed? 

These are some of the questions most homeowners have when they start thinking of remodeling their kitchen. In this section, we get to answer all those questions.

Below are the steps and the right order to prepare your kitchen for remodeling, and also to effectively execute the project:

  • Pen down your vision
  • Calculate the budget
  • Contract a professional
  • Begin the process – demolition first
  • Map out the location for electrical/appliance outlets and fittings
  • Begin mechanical fittings – HVAC, plumbing, wiring, etc.
  • Install insulation, drywall, and begin flooring
  • Begin installing counters and cabinets
  • Finishing touches – lighting fixtures, wall painting, etc

These are the steps to follow to remodel a kitchen efficiently. 

How Long Will a Kitchen Remodel Take?

Well, it depends on how big you want to go with the project. But on the average, it takes anywhere from four to eight weeks. There is absolutely no need rushing a kitchen remodeling project if you want the best outcome.


Have you always dreamed of a better looking, more functional kitchen with a modern look? Then it is about that time you consider remodeling your kitchen. You can as well get a deck construction to thrill your family and friends to the sumptuous meals that come out of your new kitchen.

Before you begin the project though, ensure you note down your dream looks, work out your budget, and contract a professional to help you execute the project.