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We Can Repair or Replace All Your Plumbing Fixtures.

Freedom Flow Plumbing and Heating Service has been giving quality heating and plumbing services in Newfoundland, PA circa 2008. Finding a plumbing contractor you can rely on can be difficult. When you choose our plumbing contractors, you get the best service every time. Our high customer service and quality control standards are in place to assure you are happy with our service. Your home always receives the best plumbing in town when it comes to your plumbing and heating servants at Freedom Flow Plumbing and Heating Services. The plumbing contractors we employ have years of experience and are more than prepared to meet all your plumbing needs. The plumbing parts we purchase for our customers are manufactured by the highest-ranking manufactures in the business. For all your plumbing needs, contact (570) 903-3199 to hire a reliable plumbing contractor in Newfoundland, PA. Our purpose is to help you determine a solution for even the worst plumbing catastrophes.

There are few things in life as frustrating as dealing with major plumbing problems. Freedom Flow Plumbing and Heating Services makes it our goal to relieve some of the stress associated with bad plumbing. We know that price is a significant source of stress, and so we’ve made our pricing simple and easy to understand. Repairs and replacements are all pre-estimated through our industry standard flat-rate system, so you will always know the cost before any work begins. Our plumbers begin working right away, using their skills and the latest equipment to get your repair completed efficiently and professionally. Call (570) 903-3199 for Freedom Flow Plumbing and Heating Services today. We are your local plumbing contractor experts in Newfoundland, PA.

Our Services

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When You Need Professional Plumbing Services, Contact Our Office.

When in need of the best heating and plumbing contractor services in Newfoundland, PA, choose Freedom Flow. We are available to complete all services day and night, supplying you with fast times and quality workmanship every time. We are here to assist with all your plumbing problems. We are able to fix everything from burst pipes to backed up toilets. Our staff is also fully experienced and ready to service your water heater and furnace. When you are dealing with the problems that can result from hard or untreated water, we can help resolve those issues with our water treatment services. Remember Freedom Flow Plumbing and Heating Services if you’re looking for an honest plumbing contractor. Click on the links below or call (570) 903-3199 to find out more regarding the services we offer.

General Plumbing

General Residential Services

Employing a plumbing contractor generally involves locating a plumbing company you can rely on on. Freedom Flow Plumbing and Heating Services works hard to provide honest, dependable plumbing services to area residents. Whether your plumbing failure is impacting your entire house, or just one small area, we are here to help. Contact us right away and allow us to take care of all your plumbing requirements.

Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning and Clog Removal

Sluggish drains can be fixed by a drain cleaning. Periodically cleaning your drains will keep your plumbing in tip-top shape. You will be able to find weak spots in your plumbing system easier if you’ve got clean drains. For all your drain cleaning requirements, contact a plumbing contractor at Freedom Flow Plumbing and Heating Services.

Leak Repair

Affordable Leak Repair

Leaky plumbing can be a very harmful situation. Your home can experience major water damage if the leak is not addressed quickly. When you think there is a pipe leak in your home, call for leak repair as soon as you can. At Freedom Flow Plumbing and Heating Services we offer services to find and fix all your leaky pipes.

Water Heaters

Professional Water Heater Repairs

Hot water is a vital part of your life. A malfunctioning water heater can be a really stressful situation. Get your water heater fixed fast, with services from Freedom Flow Plumbing and Heating Services. We repair, install and maintain all different styles of water heaters.

Water Treatment

Reassuring Water Treatment

Most of the water consumed by Americans has been processed by a county water treatment plant. Unfortunately, this makes the water OK to drink but does not necessarily make it pure. There are several different minerals and sediments left in the water. Freedom Flow Plumbing and Heating Services offers several different water purification systems to finish cleansing the water before it is consumed by your family.

  • Water Filtration We provide systems that will remove chlorine and minerals from your family’s water supply.
  • Water Treatment Installation Do not install multiple water filters under every faucet in your house. Get a whole house water treatment system instead.
  • Water Purification Systems A water softener might prolong the life of your appliances and plumbing fixtures.


Heating Services

A properly working furnace is extremely important during the winter months. When your furnace malfunctions during a cold snap, your home and your family are in serious danger. Issues such as personal illness and frozen plumbing can result from a broken furnace. The staff at Freedom Flow Plumbing and Heating Services is here to assist with your furnace maintenance to prevent a serious problem this winter.

With these services and so much more, we have the most inclusive services for your home. Don’t stress during an emergency! Our plumbers are always ready for you. 24-hour emergency services are always ready for you for when those unexpected emergencies strike. Call Freedom Flow Plumbing and Heating Services today at (570) 903-3199 for plumbing contractor services in Newfoundland, PA. We’re dedicated to making sure your pipes are in tip-top condition. If you require a plumbing contractor for you plumbing failure, Freedom Flow Plumbing and Heating Services is here to help. Let us make your plumbing failure less frustrating.