Burst Pipe Repair

When the temperature drops, it can cause some serious damage to your water pipes. Frozen pipes can slow your water, block it, and you can end up with a burst pipe. When the water in a pipe freezes, it expands, blocking water flow and potentially cracking the pipe. The damage can be severe and if you have it, it can quickly become an overwhelming problem for any person. Thankfully, we can help at Freedom Flow Plumbing and Heating Services. Call us at (570) 468-8217 for your burst pipe repair and frozen pipe repair in Clifton Township and Scranton, PA.

When Pipes Freeze

Copper Pipe with Frost and Leak

Call the Pros for Frozen and Burst Pipe Repair.

All pipes are susceptible to damage under the right conditions. Even something as strong as copper is capable of bursting under pressure. When a pipe freezes, it freezes the water inside. That frozen water expands to cause a blockage. If it expands enough, it will burst the pipe. The result is a leak and potentially severe, expensive water damage.

Managing Frozen Pipes

The best thing you can do to start is to take action and prevent pipes from freezing, and thus prevent bursting pipes. You can do some very basic things on your own to avoid this problem, such as letting the heat that you are already using circulate around your pipes. Open cabinet doors to let the warm air in and insulate uncovered pipes. They are not flawless methods, but they can make some difference. If you still have a burst or frozen pipe, call a professional plumber immediately to repair your frozen and burst pipe.

Frozen Pipe Repair

You can always try to catch the problem before it gets worse, or before you have a problem at all. If the frozen pipe is not too bad, you may be able to warm it up and get the water flowing again. However, it is always better to call a plumber to help you fix the problem. While you could do a few things, fixing water pipes is best left to the professionals. If your pipes have already burst because of freezing water, then you definitely need our plumbers.

Don’t fear burst and frozen pipes. Call us at (570) 468-8217 for burst pipe repair and frozen pipe repair in Clifton Township and Scranton, PA.