Busted Pipe Repair

When you have a busted or broken pipe in your home, it’s hard to miss the resulting damage. It can be an expensive mess. Of course, if you have a rusted pipe, you might not know until it is too late and the problem has developed into a busted pipe. These are reasons why it is important to have your pipes inspected regularly so that you can prevent these things from becoming problems. Whatever your situation, Freedom Flow Plumbing and Heating Services offers busted pipe repair, broken pipe repair, and rusted pipe repair in Clifton Township and Scranton, PA. Just call (570) 468-8217.

Busted, Rusted and Broken Pipes

Water Leaking from Rusted Pipe

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Busted pipe causes can vary. Very cold climates are often responsible because the water freezes in the pipe, expanding and causing pressure to build, and then the pipes break. Sometimes, age, wear, and tear are the causes. When a plumbing system has been around for many years, all that time of rushing water wears down the pipe. Galvanized pipes can turn into rusted pipes, too, which makes them weak with corrosion.

If your pipes break, the damage can be severe. It is like leaving the water running directing onto whatever surface is nearby. Imagine if this happened and you were not home; the water could run for hours. By the time you got home, you could be facing an overwhelming mess.

If your pipe busts, or breaks, start by turning off the water flow. Your house has a main water valve that you can shut off. As long as you can reach it safely, shut it down to stop the flow. Then, call a professional plumber for broken pipe repair. Only expert plumbing technicians can get to your pipes and perform the pipe repairs you need. The same can be said for rusted pipes. If you haven’t had your pipes inspected in a long time, have an inspection done, particularly if you suspect you have pipe rust. Only a licensed plumber should handle repairing or replacing your rusted pipes.

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