Pressure Tank Installation

If you have a well pump that isn’t working properly, it may be time you have your pressure tank repaired, or have a new one installed. If you have recently moved into your home and you find that your pump is old, worn, and faulty, a pressure tank installation may fix the problem and give you better water pressure in your home. Call (570) 468-8217 for pressure tank repair and installation in Clifton Township and Scranton, PA.

Pressure Tank Problems

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A pressure tank is an important part of your water system because it keeps your water pressure stable. If the water pressure drops suddenly in your house, then there may be a problem with your pressure tank that needs repairing, or your tank may need replacing. A malfunctioning pump will shut on and off quickly. This can wear down your pressure tank, so it’s important to have your tank examined immediately. An overheated pressure tank will stop working until it cools again. A loss of water pressure or flow could mean that the pressure tank bladder is damaged. If your tank is waterlogged, it will stop working and you will have no water flow.

All of these problems are very frustrating for the homeowner who relies on well water. The pump and tank purpose is to get water to you as you need it and with the proper pressure. Whether you have low water pressure, or no water at all, it’s a problem.

Pressure Tank Repair and Installation

If you have water flow issues, pressure issues, no water at all, or your pressure tank keeps cycling off and on, you may need a pressure tank repair or installation. Our plumbers can fix or replace your pressure tank so that you no longer have these frustrating issues. Pressure tank problems are not often easy-to-fix issues. They call for experience and understanding of well-water systems and their parts.

Our expert plumbers know pressure tank installation and repair. We have the knowledge, experience, licensing, tools, and equipment to have your pressure tank and pump up and running perfectly in no time. Don’t live without good water pressure; call (570) 468-8217 for our pressure tank solutions in Clifton Township and Scranton, PA.