Prevent Frozen Pipelines

The winter season can cause a whole host of problems with your plumbing if you’re not prepared. Once the temperature drops below freezing, you’ll want to make sure that your plumbing is warm enough to prevent them freezing solid and potentially bursting.

Frozen Copper Pipe

Outdoor plumbing should be prepared for a freeze by putting away hoses and covering spigots that are not built to withstand below freezing temperatures. Leaving a hose hooked up can cause problems with your internal plumbing. The water inside a hose with expand when it freezes which will create additional pressure within your entire plumbing system. Prevent burst pipes and flooding by unhooking your hoses and storing them at the beginning of the holiday season.

Any interior plumbing that is in an exposed area of your home (the attic or garage for example) are at risk of freezing if there isn’t enough insulation. You can typically find inexpensive foam insulation that you can use to wrap exposed pipes to prevent them from freezing. For interior pipes underneath sinks, leaving the cabinets doors open will allow the heating into those spaces to ensure they don’t get cold enough to cause problems.

Leaving your home for a winter vacation? Make sure you leave your heater on! This will help make sure your house is staying warm enough to keep the plumbing at a decent temperature. Leaving your heater on at around 60 degrees Fahrenheit and letting your faucets drip will prevent water from freezing solid in the pipes and causing a leak or pipe burst while you are away.

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