Holding Tank Repairs

Holding Tank Repairs in Clifton Township, PAA holding tank acts to store wastewater from your home safely, preventing it from leaking out into the surrounding soil. They are different from a septic tank system in that they don’t foster a bacterial environment which can break down solid waste, nor do they leach effluent into a drain field. A holding tank simply stores waste and must be routinely pumped to prevent overflowing. These tanks are typically equipped with alarms to alert homeowners to high levels of water, prompting them to have the tank pumped.

Although very durable (holding tanks are usually made from concrete) they can be subject to immense pressure and are susceptible to cracking and leaking, which can cause serious health
concerns for your family and for the environment.

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Holding Tank Repair

If your holding tank has begun to leak, or the supply lines to your holding tank are damaged, give us a call! We will quickly come to your home and assess the problem, working quickly to repair the issue.

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