Whole-House Water Filtration

Whole-House Water Filtration in Clifton Township, PAA whole-house water filter connects onto the main water inlet as it comes into your home. By filtering the water before it passes from the main line into your lateral lines, you can be sure that every faucet in your home is dispensing treated water.

There are a number of whole-house filters available, each depending upon what contaminants are present in your water. A municipal water supply typically has chlorine, sediment, and hard minerals present. A private well will typically have sediment, iron, and hard minerals, but can also have toxic and potentially damaging contaminants from further in the water aquifer.

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Softening vs. Filtration

Water softeners remove hard minerals, while filters remove a wider range of contaminants. A water conditioner system utilizes both softeners and filters. If your water contains few contaminants and a higher quantity of hard minerals, you may only need a water softener. By removing hard minerals from your water, you can improve the life of your plumbing system through preventing the buildup of scale within the lines of your pumps, inlets, valves, and drains.

Types of Common Contaminants

Sediment – Sediment usually refers to visible particles of dirt, rust, dust, or sand present in water. Sediment is present in natural water sources, and most municipal systems feature muti-stage filtration systems. Multiple stages can be implemented into your home’s water filtration system if the level of sediment is high.

Chemicals – Many chemicals can be removed through the use of activated carbon filters. Chlorine is the most common chemical present in municipal water supplies. A water analysis can help you determine which chemicals are present in your water, and this will help you determine which filtration system is best for you.

Iron – Iron is found in water supplies in one of two forms: Ferrous iron or ferric iron. Ferrous iron is also known as clear water iron, while ferric iron is called red water (or rust) iron. Ferric iron can be removed with a sediment filter, while ferrous iron will require an oxidation system.

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