Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials | Plumbing and Heating Contractor in Clifton Township, PAWe are proud of the work we do, and we love to hear from our customers. Here are some of the things our satisfied customers have said about the plumbing and heating repairs we perform at Freedom Flow Plumbing and Heating Services. (570) 903-3199

Job: Install New Pressure Tank & Clean Boiler
“Billy has always come when I have an emergency. Even when it’s not an emergency he always comes and takes care of me. I am very happy with him. That is why I keep calling him back to do more work for me.”
Juanita, Covington Township, PA
Job: Service Call
Billy was great. He was even good with allowing me to mail in a payment.”
Jason, Gouldsboro, PA
Job: Install Pressure Tank & Whole House Filter
“Everything is working awesome. The water pressure is great!”
Melissa, Gouldsboro, PA
Job: Convert New Range to LP
“Billy is a God send! I use him for everything. He always come right when I call. He takes care of everything.”
Toshia W., Tobyhanna, PA
Job: Repair Heating Systems
“Very happy with everything. Both guys were very professional. Customer service is great also.”
Viktoria, Gouldsboro, PA
Job: Cleared Clogged Systems
“Outstanding , you guys are absolutely great.”
Enrique G., Gouldsboro, PA
Job: Repair Water Heater
“I had a foot of water in the basement and a hot water heater that was producing bubbles. I left a 6:30 message for Mr. Imhoff and received a 7:00 call-back stating he was ready to go. I received several calls during the day to explain the size and scope of the job and cost implications. He even attempted to make sure the warranty on the defective unit was valid after many years. Mr Imhoff should serve as a model as how Contractors would relate to customers.””The combination of responsiveness, honesty and really fair pricing makes Freedom flow a win-win proposition.”
Michael S., Gouldsboro, PA

Job: Water Heater Leak
“When our hot water heater started to leak Billy was there immediately to pull out the old and replace with a new one. He has done other repairs in our home inside repairs as well as outside improvements. We have found his work is good, his prices are competitive and probably most important he is dependable. He will always be our first call.”
Sue B., Covington Township, PA