Top Indicators Your Business Has a Heating Problem

A working heating system is crucial for your business on cold days. When it quits working, you’re left with unhappy customers and employees as well as put in danger of other problems like roof damage, wall and flooring damage, and even structural damages to your building. However, there are indicators that there may be a problem that requires commercial boiler repair. Regular maintenance and inspection can help negate the effects of the Clifton Township, PA environment and reduce the need for furnace or boiler repair.

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Do I Need a New Heating System?

In many cases, even if your furnace or boiler is damaged, a professional can repair the problem to return your heating system back to normal. There are, however, certain instances where replacement will be required. Spotting the early signs of heater damage and having repairs completed can save you money, hassle, and time by minimizing damages done to your system.

Signs of Commercial Boiler Damage:

Boiler Won’t Start: This is typically caused by a clogged filter or damaged fan. Your system will automatically shut down for safety if there is a lack of air supply or an electrical malfunction.

Funny Sounds: Clanking and popping within your system is usually a sign of sediment collection that needs to be removed. However, a damaged fan or belt can also trigger unusually sounds that should be evaluated and repaired by a professional.

Leaks: Often times, hoses and water lines can begin to leak as the age. This can cause water leaks throughout your system. Rooftop boiler leaks and damages can also cause damage to GAF roofing materials as well as most other brands. A thorough roof inspection is recommended any time your rooftop furnace or boiler is damaged.

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