Ways to Save Water at Home

Homeowners everywhere are concerned about saving water and lowering their energy usage. Working with your local plumber is one way to make this happen in your home today. Here’s how:

water conservation in Cliton Townships, PA

Save water in your home by calling the plumber out and taking the right precautions.

Install a Cycle stop valve for your well
Freedom Flow plumbers sell special valves that aid in water conservation by regulating water pressure. A cycle stop valve in Clifton Township, PA is an efficient, inexpensive way to improve your water system at home. It’s small, relatively low-maintenance and needs no electricity to install and power. This tool regulates pressure of water flow in the home and saves water use.

Fix Your Leaks!
Have a Freedom Flow plumber perform a plumbing inspection today if you think you’ve noticed signs of leakages in your home. A leakage is basically fresh water coming into your home and then leaving before you ever get a chance to use it.

Insulate & Winterize your pipes
Protect your plumbing system by keeping your pipes safe from freezing temperatures and losing energy. A burst or broken pipe will easily waste gallons of water in a heartbeat. Get in touch with your local plumber for a friendly visit. Ask them about insulation and winterizing pipes for your home.

The Little Things
Don’t forget about the little things – turning off the water when you brush your teeth, shaving a minute or two off your shower time, water plants with ice cubes – all of these things lead to better water conservation, lowering your water bill and helping the world.

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Many ways to save water at home directly involve your plumber so call them for help regarding water conservation. If you’re a homeowner looking to install a cycle stop valve in Clifton Township, PA call us today!