Reliable Water Heater Repair in Clifton Township and Scranton, PA

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Let a Pro Perform Your Water Heater Repair.

Have you ever had a plumber inspect your water heater, supply repairs, and leave, only to have your water heater break down within the week? Nothing beats experience and expertise when it comes to taking care of your plumbing system. That’s why our team at Freedom Flow Plumbing and Heating Services works with certified, trained, and knowledgeable plumbers that respect local homeowners and care about the quality of their work. If you want guaranteed results for your investment, talk to one of our experts about scheduling your Clifton Township and Scranton, PA water heater repair. Call (570) 903-3199 today to get started.

  • Electric Water Heaters Looking to switch to electric, or do you need repairs for an existing heater? Talk with an expert about your needs.
  • Propane & Gas Water Heaters Is your gas water heater not performing like it used to? Schedule maintenance and repairs for your heater today!

Essential Repairs

Your water heater is constantly working to provide, store, and maintain hot water so that it can be ready whenever you need it. That also means your water heater consumes a great deal of energy. Any leaks or reduction in efficiency could result in your family paying more each month on your gas or electric bill. If your water heater is taking longer than usual to heat water, or if you have noticed moisture or mold growth within the heater storage area, make sure you contact our team at Freedom Flow Plumbing and Heating Services as soon as possible!

Tank water heaters share many common problems. For instance, the anode rod which prevents rust and other forms of corrosion needs replacement every five years. Loose fittings are another frequent headache. Other repair issues vary based on the type of fuel your heater relies on: propane, natural gas, or electricity. Propane and gas models may have problems with the element that heats the water storage tank. Electric models occasionally suffer from faulty wiring that prevents the heater from working.

Whatever the problem, it’s essential that you contact your local plumber quickly. When it comes to water heaters, fast and effective repairs will prevent a lot of wasted money and stress. Talk with one of our professional plumbers today about scheduling your water heater repair in Clifton Township and Scranton, PA. All you have to do to get started is call our company at (570) 903-3199! We’ll start with a complete evaluation of your system, then get to the bottom of your problem.

Water Heater Inspection & Testing

Since your water heater is one of your most important appliances in the home, it's critical that it receive seasonal maintenance and the occasional checkup. Among the highly-regarded experts in the industry, the general consensus is that homeowners should schedule an inspection once every two years (at the very least). As you search for a knowledgeable service to complete your inspection, make sure your plumber also examines the health and efficiency of your water heater.

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Water Heater Not Working? We Do Water Heater Inspection and Testing.

Our thorough professionals at Freedom Flow Plumbing and Heating Services carefully examine the fittings, valves, tank (unless it’s a tankless model), and other parts of your water heater. Your knowledgeable plumber will be checking for signs of loose connections, rusted metal, degraded or disconnected wiring, and other signs that your system may require repairs or part replacement.

While much of your water heater is clearly visible for simple inspection, there are parts, such as the inner tank lining, that can’t be viewed from the outside. That’s why a brief testing of your water heater and an annual flushed are prudent for continued efficiency. We’ll gauge your water heating system and determine whether it is working according to the manufacturer’s parameters.

If your water heaters fails to perform as expected, there may be an interior problem that could lead to expensive repairs down the road. Thankfully, we can prevent some of the damage by catching the problem early and scheduling water heater repair in Clifton Township and Scranton, PA. Should your heater pass with flying colors, you can be at ease knowing your system will continue to function properly without hassle.

Water Heater Replacement & Installation

The average lifespan of water heaters typically falls between 8 to 12 years, but some can last longer depending on maintenance and repairs. Even with the best care however, your water heater will eventually breakdown from years of constant use. When that happens you’ll want to be ready with a water heater replacement.

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Leave the Water Heater Installation and Replacement to the Pros.

There are several types of water heaters and countless models available on the market. Our insightful plumbers can recommend a model based on your budget and your functional needs. Looking for familiar and dependable? We’ll help you install another natural gas water heater. Want something more energy efficient and low maintenance? Try a new, high-efficiency electric model! No matter what type of water heater you’d like installed, you can depend on our team to carefully remove your old system and install the new.

If you’d like a quote on a water heater replacement in Clifton Township and Scranton, PA, give our team a call today at (570) 903-3199! One of our experienced experts will talk with you about your home’s particular needs. Come and see why homeowners have trusted us with their water heater services for so many years now.

Don’t forget to ask about our kitchen and bathroom plumbing repairs as well. Our plumbers also install plumbing fixtures to help you get the most out of your hot water supply, including low flow shower heads. As we mentioned earlier, your water heater is one of the biggest sources of energy usage in the house, and every bit of extra efficiency could save you money in the long run!