Electric Water Heater Repairs and Installation

Person Setting Water Temperature on White Water Heater

We’ll Handle Your Electric Water Heater Installation and Replacement.

When you crave energy-efficiency and familiarity, electric water heaters provide convenient functionality and simple maintenance. Whether you utilize a hot water tank or a tankless model, you can depend on our plumbers for all your repairs and installation needs! We’ve been servicing water heaters for many years, so you can expect lasting results from all of our work. Give our team a call today at (570) 903-3199 and learn all there is to know about our Clifton Township and Scranton, PA electric water heater installation and replacement services.

Convenient Heating Functionality

If resupplying your home with natural gas is an expensive job you’re tired of having done, you might want to switch to an electric models. While some homeowners have cheap access to natural gas, electricity is cheaper for many. These models are generally more efficient than gas or propane models. With electric water heaters, you won’t have to concern yourself with potential gas leaks in your heater.

Professional Heater Repairs

You will however want a professional to handle repairs for any leaks that may pop up many years down the road, as electric models can be dangerous to handle without the proper equipment. If you already own an electric model, our team is happy to provide repairs and maintenance at an affordable cost. We’ll ensure that your system is working properly and efficiently once our plumber is finished. If you’ve been disappointed by other plumbers in the past, you can count on our experienced plumbing professionals, as countless local homeowners do.

Careful Installation and Replacement Work

If you ever experienced the frustration of dealing with an amateur plumber, you’ll understand that experience truly matters in residential plumbing. Our professionals have provided both gas and electric water heater installation in Clifton Township and Scranton, PA for many years now. You can see from our happy customer reviews that we provide the results you deserve.

Ready to speak to one of our friendly plumbers? Phone (570) 903-3199 and schedule a service call! Should your family have questions about choosing the right brand or understanding the installation process, ask away with your plumber. When your family is ready to get started with installation, an experienced, courteous professional will walk you through the process and ensure the job is completed correctly.