Propane & Gas Water Heater Services

Gas Boiler System Control

Let Professionals Complete Your Propane or Gas Water Heater Installation.

Gas and propane water heaters supply countless homeowners across the U.S. with simple, consistent utility and dependable hot water generation. While these systems are very reliable, years of constant use can wear down on your water heater. One shocking with a surprise cold shower is enough to show anyone how crucial timely maintenance is for water heaters.

Has your gas water heater broken down? Our plumbers at Freedom Flow Plumbing and Heating Services can provide professional repairs and replacement service to restore your home’s hot water usage. We understand how important prompt service is to your family, and we’ll work as hard as we can to respond quickly. Schedule a consultation for your Clifton Township and Scranton, PA propane and gas water heater installation, or request an inspection for your current system by calling our team at (570) 903-3199.

Advantages of Gas & Propane

For homes with easy access to natural gas or propane, energy costs are often noticeably lower than electric models. One of the most important benefits however, is that homeowners can still use their hot water heaters even in the event of a electric blackout. Gas and propane tank heaters have been utilized for many decades, so the costs for installation and replacement our relatively low when compared with newer models.

Common Problems That Require Repair

Just like any other kind of water heater, gas water heaters may experience problems with poor fittings or leaky connections. Mineral deposits can also enter through the water line and knock about in your tank, degrading the inside lining and potentially leading to a leak. This can usually be prevented with a whole house water filtration system, but not every house is equipped with this technology.

If your propane or gas water heater isn’t functioning as efficiently as it should be, talk with one of our experts at Freedom Flow Plumbing and Heating Services about scheduling an inspection. It may just be that your system requires some basic maintenance. If your heater requires more extensive repairs or replacement, our professional will talk you through your most cost-effective options. After our Clifton Township and Scranton, PA propane and gas water heater installation or repair is finished, you’ll once again enjoy a conveniently accessible hot water supply! Call (570) 903-3199 today!