water treatment systems

The Premium Series Device Removes Minerals and Contaminants from Well Water.

At Freedom Flow Plumbing & Heating Services, we place a great emphasis on clean, healthy water. We want all of our clients to have the highest quality tap water possible in their homes. To help achieve this goal, we partnered with Plumber Mate Water Systems to offer a range of water treatment systems across the entire home. If you dislike the taste of tap water, or have concerns about the range of chemicals and minerals you ingest, we offer solutions.

Everyone knows that tap water contains more than simply H2O. Tap water can actually become contaminated with hundreds of minerals and chemicals, including chlorine, lead, and arsenic. Magnesium, calcium, and iron can furthermore create hard water issues. Here at Freedom Flow Plumbing & Heating Services, we see a particular need among our clients for water softeners. Since so many members of our community rely on well water, we offer solutions to treat hard, acidic water with an excess of iron. In fact, each of our services delivers different benefits to a household. To learn more about our water treatment systems in Moscow, PA and Tobyhanna, PA, call us today at (570) 468-8217.

Water Treatment Services

water treatment systems

Our Whole House Water Treatment Options Provide Fresh, Flavorful Water Across Every Tap.

We provide water treatment across a wide variety of areas. Our whole house water treatment can provide great tasting and safe water for anyone who relies upon a well. Plumber Mate’s Premium Series filters remove all traces of iron, manganese, and sulfur without the use of chemicals. If your water tests positive for bacteria, we can employ Purelight UV Systems as a chemical-free solution. For well water that has an unpleasant smell, improper pH, and the aforementioned problems, we have a hydrogen peroxide-based water treatment solution. In addition to these whole-house solutions, we offer targeted water treatment in the following areas:

  • Water Softeners Hard water has negative impacts around the house. It can make showers unpleasant and cause damage to appliances. We offer a complete solution.
  • Water Filtration If you worry about the purity of your drinking water, consider our water filtration service as a solution. We can bring clean, filtered water to every tap.

Water Softeners

Our water softeners from Plumber Mate work through an ion exchange process. The hard minerals that negatively impact your water get exchanged for sodium. This produces water that makes showers and baths much more pleasant. Softened water also cleans better, from dishes to other household tasks. We currently have two water softener options available through Plumber Mate: the High Efficiency Premium Series Water Conditioner, and the more economical Signature Series Water Conditioner.

Water Filtration

Plumber Mate’s drinking water filtration systems work through the principle of reverse osmosis. Water pressure naturally pushes water through a filtration membrane that removes pollutants and contaminants. FIltration occurs across a six-step process:

  • Pre-Filtration Process
  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane Filtration
  • Transfer to a Storage Tank
  • Post-Carbon Cartridge Filtration
  • Fresh, Clean Drinking Water from a Dedicated Chrome Faucet

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At Freedom Flow Plumbing & Heating Services, we care about the quality of your home’s water. Thanks to our partnership with Plumber Mate, we can now provide fresh, filtered, and safe water for all of our customers. Since we recognize the prevalence of well water throughout our service area, we provide a special emphasis on whole house water treatment. For service or questions about our water treatment systems in Moscow, PA and Tobyhanna, PA, call us today at (570) 468-8217.