Water Filtration System

water filtration

Our Water Filtration Will Save You Money on Bottled Water.

Freedom Flow Plumbing and Heating Services provides comprehensive water filtration services for its clients. Our partners at Plumber Mate craft drinking water systems appropriate for any home. We understand that the vast majority of our customers rely on well water for their homes. Our water filtration system can remove the chemicals, bacteria, and minerals that cause bad taste and health issues.

Our professional water filtration systems work much better than store-bought alternatives. Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems operate through a six-step operation to deliver water of unparalleled quality and taste. The three-stage Ultra Filter complements this process, and enables fast, easy maintenance through Quick Change cartridges. To learn or schedule service for water filtration in Clifton Township and Scranton, PA, call us today at (570) 468-8217.

Benefits of Water Filtration

water filtration

Our Filtration Systems Make Maintenance Easy Through the Simple Replacement of Cartridges.

Water filtration, especially when applied to the whole house, comes with many benefits. We can install systems both for a single tap and the entire house. If you want pure, fresh tasting water, consider the benefits of a water filtration system and give us a call today.

Better Tasting Water With No Smell: Left untreated, your water could contain hundreds of chemicals and minerals that contribute to poor tasting, stinky water. Our filtration systems remove chlorine and the other contaminants that cause these issues. The result? Better tasting water with no lingering smell.

Improved Health: Our filtration devices remove hundreds of chemicals, including some linked to a higher rate of cancer. No one needs to ingest chemicals like chlorine, especially not every time they take a drink of water. Better health can begin the very day you schedule installation of one of our filtration devices.

Better Economy: If your poor tasting water has led you to compensate with bottled water, then you need a water filtration device today. Our devices can completely replace bottled water to save you money and help the environment. The premier qualities of bottled water, taste and cleanliness, will suddenly become available from your home taps.

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Our team at Freedom Flow Plumbing and Heating Services can perform as your local source for a water filtration system in Clifton Township and Scranton, PA. If you’d like to learn more about any of our systems or installation process, call us today at (570) 468-8217.