Protective Water Filtration Systems

Simple Cartridge Replacement When Changing Filter

Our Filtration Systems Make Maintenance Easy Through the Simple Replacement of Cartridges.

Have you ever seen red or yellow water coming out of your tap? When you run the faucet, does sediment come pouring out? You may need to install a water filter! Filtration systems address these problems by cutting them off before they can ruin your tasty water. Some filters specialize in removing impurities, while others take a wider approach by targeting all kinds of contaminants. Whichever type of water filtration you’re looking for, our courteous experts at Freedom Flow Plumbing and Heating Services are eager to help! Learn more about our water filtration systems in Clifton Township and Scranton, PA by contacting our team today at (570) 903-3199!

Types of Water Filters and Targeted Contaminants

Activated Carbon Filters

Carbon filtration systems are among the most plentiful on the market today. They come in a wide ranges of prices as they vary in capability and function. These systems utilize a basic filter that attracts and captures sediments and other unwanted contaminants. Many homeowners prefer carbon filtration systems because of their accessibility and affordability.

When you install a carbon filter beneath the sink or for the full house, you’ll quickly notice an improvement in the taste and quality of your water. This is due to the secondary strength of carbon filters, which is to withdraw certain chemical residues (such as chlorine) from your drinking water. With no shortage of options available to you in terms of function and price, there’s a good chance you’ll find a carbon filter that meets your water quality needs!

Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

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Our Water Filtration Will Save You Money on Bottled Water.

Reverse osmosis is a high-grade water filtration systems that leaves your water impressively clean and much tastier. First, large sediment particles are captured in a prefilter. Water and finer contaminants are then pulled through an extremely fine mesh. This filtration utilizes a weave that captures particles as small as .003 microns (depending on the model), even the tiniest contaminants won’t escape.

This leaves beautiful, clear water for your family’s consumption. Reverse osmosis systems are notably more expensive, because their capabilities are much more extensive. To learn more about the impressive functionality of our reverse osmosis water systems in Clifton Township and Scranton, PA, give our team a call at (570) 903-3199 and ask for further information!

Ozone Filtration

For those homeowners that have had problems with chlorine or fluoride contaminants in the past, ozone filtration offers a powerful tool for better water quality (and peace of mind). Most ozone systems utilize a carbon filter to trap particles, but it’s the ozone that does most of the work. This naturally occurring molecule acts as an oxidant that neutralizes many kinds of contaminants, including fungi, viruses, and many other organic particles.

Harmful chemicals like iron, manganese, and sulfides are also broken down by ozone into compounds that can be easily captured by the carbon filter. As we mentioned earlier, that carbon filter is very good at taking out chlorine residue. Like reverse osmosis, ozone filtration is a great all-around filtration system that provides impressive results for a higher price tag.

Scale for Your Water Filtration

Under-the-sink water systems only treat your drinking water, while whole house options treat your home's entire water supply. The system size your family will require hinges on your home's functional needs. Are you looking to neutralize hard water content for the whole house, or do simply want to protect your drinking water from pathogens? The type of system your home needs will depend on your answer.

Under the Sink

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Under-the-Sink Filters are Primarily for Drinking Water Purity.

Sometimes simpler is better. With our under-the-sink water filtration systems, your family will enjoy safer drinking water. Pathogens, metals, and harmful chemicals plague many homeowners across the state, even those with access to city-treated water. After leaving the treatment plant, your water supply may potentially be exposed to metals and chemicals from nearby construction sites, leaky sewage lines, and even garden pesticides.

Well water is even more vulnerable to pathogens, which can rest inside your storage prior to treatment. Wherever your home’s water comes from, you can rest assured our drinking water treatment will protect your family from unwanted contaminants. To schedule a consultation with a treatment specialist, call our team at (570) 903-3199 and ask for more information about water filtration systems in Clifton Township and Scranton, PA.

For the Whole House

Filtration for the whole house allows you to extend a ring of protection around your plumbing and water appliances. This is especially valuable to families that regularly encounter hard water difficulties, metal contaminants, or organic growth each day. Because these impurities have a tendency to speed corrosion and plumbing failure, treating them may extend the life of your plumbing considerably. Plus, you won’t have to worry about your clothes getting stained in the washer, or dirty water flowing out during your morning shower! Whole house filtration systems aren’t for everyone. However, we encourage you to talk about your home’s water quality with one of our treatment specialists, because your family’s safety is always worth the effort.