What Water Heater Do I Need?

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How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Hot Water Heater?

What type of water heater do you need? Let’s talk about how much it can cost to replace a hot water heater. There are two basic types of water heaters: the traditional kind with a storage tank, and tankless water heaters, which heat water as needed. For a traditional hot water heater, hiring a plumber for installation costs between $300.00 and $3,500.00. Why the variance in this number? Well, it depends on the capacity of the water supply you want, and the amount of repairs required to meet certain building codes. With an average of $940.00 for a forty-gallon unit, an average cost of $1,211.00 for a fifty-gallon unit, and an average cost of $1,937.00 for a seventy-five gallon unit.

For a central, whole-house, gas tankless water heater, costs range from $800.00$3,000.00 or more, without installation. Tankless water systems depend on the addition of a 220V/240V outlet and/or larger-diameter gas pipes than found in an average home. This drives up installation costs.

Which Brand of Water Heater Is Best?

With your water heater approximating twenty percent of your water bill, your water heater is probably the most vital appliance in your home. That said, it’s important to choose a reliable water heater brand. Based upon fifteen thousand satisfaction surveys to homeowners via email asking about their personal experiences with their water heater, the survey results were tallied. Rheem came in first place. Rheem Manufacturing Company is an American privately held manufacturer that produces both commercial and residential water heaters and boilers (among other relevant appliances.) Rheem has the most extensive range of hot water systems available in the United States, and universally had the highest average, rating 4.5 out of 5, and recommended by 95% of all customers. A.O. Smith came in second place (3.0 out of 5, with 79% satisfaction, warranty included), and the Bradford White Water Header came in third place (4.1 out of 5, with 83% satisfaction, no warranty included). This is just one of the studies available on the internet, so we highly recommend doing research and consulting with your trusted plumbing contractor to make the right choice for your home.

Can a Homeowner Install a Water Heater?

A water heater is one of the ultimate most dangerous appliances in a building. There is no question of this. That is why a permit is required. A permit is required because an inspection must be done to make sure that the water heater is installed properly. There are many things that can wrong if a homeowner replaces and installs a water heater improperly. Employing a licensed professional to install your water heater will save you money in the long run, and give you peace of mind. For residents of the Clifton Township and Scranton, PA area, call Freedom Flow Plumbing and Heating Services (570) 903-3199 for your water heater needs.

How Many Years Does a Hot Water Heater Last?

Like all appliances, water heaters break down over time and will need to be replaced. A traditional tank water heater lasts an average of eight to twelve years. A tankless water, with proper maintenance, will last up to twenty years, sometimes longer.

Are Tankless Water Heaters Worth the Cost?

If you’re looking for a way to lower your energy bills for twenty plus years, look no further than a tankless water heater. While a traditional water heater continuously heats water throughout the day (even when you are not at home) a tankless water heater utilizes a powerful heat exchanger to raise the temperature on demand. This heat exchanger transfers heat generated by electric coils or a gas-fired burner to the water, heating it to a specific temperature, and delivering that hot water to your faucet. Tankless water heaters provide a handsome list of advantages to counteract the initial high cost:

  • Energy savings.
  • Longer warranty than traditional water heaters.
  • No water damage from potential leaking tank water heater.
  • Replacement not necessary for twenty years or more.

My Water Heater Is Not Working!

You’ve turned on the faucet to wash your hands, and no matter how long you run the water, the temperature is still icy cold. Don’t panic. If your water heater is not working, there are a list of reasons why. For gas-powered water heaters, the pilot light is the usual culprit, and the easiest fix. Check to see if this flame is lit. If it is not, consult your owner’s manual to see how to activate it. Is there a leak? Check the surrounding area for a “rotten egg” smell. Call your local, trusted plumber immediately if you detect this smell, because it has dangerous ramifications. If it’s not any of the fixes, continue to research, and if the problem persists, send in the licensed plumber.

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My Water Heater Can’t Keep Up!

Let’s say that you’re third in line for a series of showers that have to be taken on a given night. Halfway through the shower, you realize the lukewarm temperature has plunged into freezing territory. It’ll have you hopping mad if you haven’t already hopped out of the shower. One of the recommendations our experts make is going tankless. A tankless water heater will upgrade the process into the twenty-first century. While going to a bigger water heater may seem like an probable option, you’ll still have higher energy costs than you would if you went deluxe and tankless.

Upper and Lower Water Heater Thermostat

Let’s talk for a minute about thermostats. If your water heater is having trouble heating, one of the problems you could be having is with one of the thermostats. The upper thermostat controls both the upper and lower element. When it goes bad you don’t have any hot water at all. The lower thermostat simply controls the lower element, and when it dies, you just have a shorter supply of hot water.

Water Heater Brands

Truly, there are only three main manufacturers of water heaters: Rheem, Bradford White, and AO Smith. They all use the same Honeywell gas control valve on most models. Consult with your trusted plumbing professional to see which of these three brands they most recommend for your home. Siding installation will help insulation for your home, and ensure a safer environment for your water heater and plumbing needs.

Consult with Freedom Flow Plumbing and Heating Services in the Clifton Township and Scranton, PA for all your water heater needs. Call (570) 903-3199 today.