Winterizing Your Plumbing System

18737291 - frozen water jetsIf you haven’t noticed….winter is well on its way! It’s that time of year when the heavier coats are coming out and you’re kicking dust off of your furnace because that temperature begins to plummet. And you what comes with low temperatures: ice and snow. Some of us love it, but for others, it can pose a substantial problem. The most common issue that property owners face during the winter is burst pipes from being frozen. But there are some precautionary measures that can be taken to help avoid having to face a plumbing disaster. The pros at Freedom Flow Plumbing are here with some tips on winterizing your plumbing system.

  1. Contact our experts to perform a full and thorough inspection of your plumbing system. This will allow us to address any leaks or other issues before they become something major.
  2. Making sure that your pipes are adequately insulated will make sure that they remain warm and prevent freezing throughout the colder months.
  3. Turn off and completely drain all outdoor appliances and faucets. Even if there is no source of water feeding to them, the water that sits idly within can freeze and cause some damages.

It’s not worth the risk! Make sure that your pipes and your entire home are protected by taking the necessary steps that we have mentioned. And if you have any other concerns or questions about winterizing your plumbing system, dial (570) 903-3199 to speak with Freedom Flow Plumbing and Heating services.